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Animate  (2022)

Immersive XR Theatre

Animate sits at the crossroads of performance, installation and radio play utilizing the newest Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in order to blur the experience between the physical and the digital world.  Daniel and Laurie, two individuals haunted by their pasts and fleeing from a world on the brink of climate transformation, embark on a poignant journey through the untamed wilderness of Newfoundland, Canada. As they drive towards the mesmerizing Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park, a Mars-like landscape where Earth's mantle is exposed, news of global climate catastrophes fills their car radio.
In this surreal and emotionally charged experience, the climate-altered landscape seems to possess a conscious, living presence. It exerts a mysterious force on Daniel and Laurie, influencing their physical bodies and deeply impacting their personal connection. As Animate reaches its climactic conclusion, the intricate interconnectedness between humans and the natural world amidst radical environmental changes is unveiled in a profound and thought-provoking manner.

Artistic Director - Chris Salter (US/QC/CA/CH) -
Mitarbeit/Creative Collaboration - Remco Schuurbiers (NL/DE)
Story - Kate Story (CA)
Performers - Judith Rosmair (DE) & Steven Karrier (LX)
Composer - Caterina Barbieri (IT)
Musician - Limpe Fuchs (DE)
Sound Design - Sam Slater (UK/DE)
Assistant Sound - Maxime Gordon (CA)
Direction, Voice Recording - Anouschka Trocker (IT/DE)
Direction Assistant, Voice Recording - Assunta Alegiani (DE)
Voices - Judith Rosmair (DE), Steven Karrier (LX)
Additional Voices - Clarisse Cossais (FR), Assunta Alegiani (DE)
Radio Voices, Lars Schmidtke (DE), Haino Rindler (DE)
Voice Recording Engineer - Alexandre Brennecke (DE)
3D Animation / Game Engine - Timothy Thomasson (CA)
Scenography - Florence To (UK/HK)
Spatial Sound - Willam Russell (AU/DE), Stefanie Egedy (BR/DE) - MONOM / 4DSOUND
Movement/Choreography - Angelique Wilkie (CA)
Lead VR Developer - Pierrick Uro (FR/CA)
Machine Learning and Haptics Programming - Puneet Jain (IN/CA)
German Translation - Anke Burger (DE/CH)
French Translation - Robert Paquin (CA)
Artist Partner - Marcus Gammel (DE) - Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Creative Producer - Remco Schuurbiers (NL/DE) / DISK Berlin
Video Registration & Editing - Geor