Track (2017)
Html, CSS, Javascript. 

This project represents location data by merging unrelated distances, places, and times together. The result is a graph where the y-axis is indicating my average steps taken over the course of a day (taken from Samsung Health on mobile) and the x-axis is displaying the days of the week. The line of the graph is composed of images taken from 'Google location history' at different unrelated places and times. The images are pieced together like a puzzle to form a sort of ‘line of best fit’.
The steps taken at any particular moment (y-axis) of the graph do not necessarily correlate with the place shown on the Google location history data. This creates a strange confluence of opposing places, times, and distances. The background video is comprised of stock / found footage of the various locatioins. On top of the footstep data, each location can be examined closely by zooming in to reveal another piece of precise location data.