Mood Map
    Telephone Paintings

Mood Map (2018)
Collaboration with Owen Coolidge

Mood Map is an interactive visualization displaying concentrations of varying emotional sentiment across the city of Montréal. The familiar map becomes populated with psycho- geographical contours that encourage new understandings of our  urban environment. The Mood Map is created by crawling the most  recent Tweets posted within the limits of Montréal . The Tweets are run through a sentiment analysis algorithm whose results are represented  as colours on the map.

Individual Tweets are displayed out of their
original contexts, and the often humorous and profane texts may stand as examples of people’s exaggerated personas when crafting online identities. At a glance, viewers are able to discern the emotional state of Montréal and gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of different locations and sub-locations within the city.

Projection on printed 42 x 71” map from 1836.