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Colour Correct (2018)
3.5’ x 1.5’ Wood Plinth. Welded Steel. Colour Sensor.

Colour Correct is about re-imagining and configuring a physical object into the digital domain. The work proposes a synesthetic experience where colour is made into sound and visually re-worked through interaction. Colour Correct is composed of a metal sculptural form situated above a rotatable platform which contains a messy amalgamation of abstract colour. Sensors are used to read the colour information from the surface of the platform. As the platform is rotated, new areas of the surface are analyzed by the sensors--producing audible tones that reflect the temperature of each colour. The physical colours on the platform, over time, are drawn on a projection screen in a very mathematized radial manner-- creating an imbalance that juxtaposes the messy physical imagery with the precise digital realm. The work creates a collaborative and continually in-progress canvas that establishes an ephemeral memory of those visitors who interacted with the piece prior.