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Immersive XR Theatre

As our technologies increase in ambition and scope, they present an equally increasing friction to the world around us. How, then, might we use our digital spaces as platforms to address the urgencies of our natural ones?

“Animate” offers a singular perspective through the work of many. A chimerical three-part installation that puts the trip in triptych, the project addresses the ever-increasing urgency of climate action through spatial, acoustic, visual and haptic technologies—not only allowing you to see and hear, but also to feel the story.

"Animate“ is an intimately immersive and uncanny experience created by Chris Salter with artistic production from Remco Schuurbiers  in close collaboration with Timothy Thomasson, Pierrick Uro, Maxime Gordon, and Puneet Jain. With a sound world configured by Sam Slater, with musical contributions by Caterina Barbieri, and Limpe Fuchs, situated in a scenography by Florence To, including infrasonics by Stefanie Egedy, and spatial audio components produced in collaboration with MONOM/4DSOUND William Russel, Maxime Gordon, Tilo von Ketelhodt, Seyhryar Ahmad, Stefanie Egedy).

Kunstfest, Weimar: 08-26-2022 (premeire); MUTEK.JP, Tokyo: 5.–11.12.2022; Napoli Teatro Festival, Naples: 19.–26.6.2023; MUTEK.CA, Montreal: 28.8.–4.9.2023; Dark Mofo, Hobart: 14.–23.6.2024

Photots from Florence To